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The road map to creating this CIC has been a journey that has never really followed a straight path. Little did I know when taking my FA level One in football in 2007 that my world was about to change for the better!!

I had never reached the heights of playing pro football, some unsuccessful trials, flirtations with semi pro clubs and eventually finding work and playing amateur football was my journey.

Influenced by the continental and South American approach to football, I was often left frustrated by playing conventional 11aside in the mud, over physical and low risk football. These were the days before internet,so communication or contact with other like minded players, coaches and teams wasn't possible. I used to often train alone doing keepy ups and ball manipulation as I felt it improved my feel for the ball but more than that, I just liked it!!.


In 2007 I started coaching in education; primary schools mainly.Once I discovered futsal and street soccer a few years later, I decided to create the CIC as a platform to project an alternative and additional way of developing people through various game formats.

Purchasing our 3v3 fields, 1v1 panna cages, futsal goals and panna goals I knew I had the niche equipment to provide a contemporary and engaging environment.

I sought out more coaching challenges and last year I qualified as a UEFA B futsal coach. I also hold level 2 in football and street soccer.


To offer the best experience for players, I will always ensure I'm improving as a practitioner every day; through accessing courses, podcasts, reading books, blogs and attending events. The evolution of the message, content and mission of what the CIC is providing is ever changing and developing.

Forever trying to make sense of the coaching process;trying to provide the most effective, engaging and transformative experience for people coming to our sessions and events.

Kind Regards, Colin Powell

Managing Director, Halton Street Soccer and Futsal CIC.